Apr 25 2014

How to get involved in Acervo Mesoamericano

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There are several ways for contributing with Acervo Mesoamericano.

If you are a Mesoamericanist scholar (or a scholar in American indigenous cultures), wheter independent or academic, and has works in text or other formats, you way authorize the publication of your files in Acervo. For that, during the implementation of Acervo you must contact us via repository or email at admin@acervomesoamericano.org for sending the files and its consequent public release.

You can also collaborate encouraging your contacts who may be interested in providing open access for their works from Acervo Mesoamericano. Spreading Acervo Mesoamericano, you help expanding our network, so more people can benefit from it and contribute with more files.

Notes to contributors:

1 – In text files, give preference to PDF format with effective access to (select/copy) the textual content, as this facilitates the reading accessibility for blind and low vision persons, adapting your works to our policy of a truly open access in the broadest sense of the word. This way even more people can read your works and you will be contributing effectively to the dissemination and sharing of knowledge beyond old boundaries.

2 – Try to keep the files to the smallest possible size, in kilobytes or megabytes, in order to facilitate their transit through slow connections, which also provides space for more documents in Acervo.

3 – Other kind of network collaboration and partnerships for open access may be submitted at any time via the email address admin@acervomesoamericano.org.

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