Apr 26 2014

Acervo Mesoamericano’s release

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Acervo Mesoamericano is oficially released today, the day Jun B’atz’ in K’iche’ Maya calendar (April 26, 2014).

This is the newest initiative of implementing a repository based in open source that will serve as a place for the free and legal sharing of files of interest, in this case those primarily related to Mesoamerican Studies. The objective of the Acervo is to contribute to public access of knowledge through texts and researches related to the various cultures and civilizations of Mesoamerica, being Maya and Mexica (Aztec) only the most famous of them.

For Acervo to fulfill its mission more effectively, however, a collective effort in strengthening a network and enabling the provision of more and more files with the permission of the respective authors is necessary. Then, Acervo’s expansion also depends on you and all interested people that believe in the open sharing of knowledge .

We count on your support for this initiative for publicization and popularization of Mesoamerican Studies. If you are a scholar (either independent or academic) and wish to share your production (in any language) with us and through this repository, or know someone who would like to contribute, please visit this link for more information.

We know that every day, and with the recognition and propagation of their native languages ​​through writing, more and more Mesoamerican indigenous produce more about themselves and their languages, helping to democratize and decolonize access to information and facilitate independent research. Every day, collaboration and dialogue between researchers from different backgrounds and epistemologies is more necessary for the advancement of Mesoamerican Studies.

That’s why Acervo Mesoamericano came to exist, as an idea and an action for open access, of collective and nonprofit nature.

Mesoamericanist Greetings

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